Multiple DUI Offense Cases in Tempe

Tempe DUI Defense Attorneys

Arizona does not take DUI offenses lightly. A first-time DUI offense can land a person with jail time, license revocation, and large fines. A subsequent DUI conviction can land a previously convicted person with extremely harsh repercussions.

In Arizona, a DUI charge is considered “subsequent” if a prior conviction occurred within 84 months (or 7 years) of the subsequent charge, regardless of the state the prior conviction occurred. It is important that a person facing a second, third, or fourth DUI seek a seasoned multiple DUI lawyer immediately.

If you have been charged with second, third, or fourth DUI, contact our Tempe DUI attorneys at Suzuki Law Offices, L.C.C. We work hard to help those facing criminal charges. Your fight is our fight. Let us protect your rights!

The Consequences for Multiple DUI Convictions

While a first DUI conviction may only be considered a misdemeanor, the offense of a second, third, or fourth DUI may result in longer jail sentences, significantly increased fines and penalties, and potentially a felony that will remain part of the offender’s permanent record forever.

In Arizona, a driver with a second offense DUI conviction may face the following consequences.

  1. License suspension for up to one year
  2. A jail sentence up to 90 days.
  3. Fines and assessments accumulating up to $3,000 or more
  4. Probation for up to 5 years
  5. Alcohol awareness classes
  6. Ignition interlock device

In Arizona, a driver facing a third or fourth DUI conviction may face the following consequences.

  1. Mandatory license revocation
  2. A jail sentence of a minimum of 4 months
  3. Fines, prison costs, treatments accumulating up to $10,000 or more
  4. Probation for over 5 years
  5. Ignition interlock device
  6. Alcohol awareness classes
  7. An aggravated DUI resulting in a Class 4 felony

How Suzuki Law Offices, L.L.C. Can Help

If you one someone you love has been charged for a subsequent DUI charge, take immediate action and contact one of our Tempe multiple DUI defense lawyers at Suzuki Law Offices, L.L.C. now. Our team is passionate about defending those battling criminal charges and will do everything in our power to have your penalties dismissed. When it comes to your rights, you cannot afford to wait a minute longer.

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