Sandra Lemon

Ms. Lemon received her Bachelor of Philosophy from the University of Utah. Following her undergraduate education, Ms. Lemon received her Juris Doctor from Arizona Summit Law School. While in Law School, Ms. Lemon clerked for a landlord tenant firm. After Law School, Ms. Lemon worked in personal injury representing injured parties as well as defending insurance companies. While handling arbitrations in the civil arena, Ms. Lemon broke companywide records for defense verdicts. Ms. Lemon also has experience in medical malpractice and creditor’s rights matters. Ms. Lemon has extensive experience handling oral arguments, trials, discovery, legal research, investigation, depositions, and motion practice. Ms. Lemon’s practice focuses on criminal defense where she has a particular penchant for DUI defense.

Ms. Lemon is from Utah but moved to Arizona to attend law school and stayed after she fell in love with the Valley of the Sun. Ms. Lemon loves volunteering in the community and has volunteered with Friends of the Phoenix Public Library, and Ballet Arizona. Ms. Lemon has been a plant-based vegan for over 23 years. As a result, Sandra enjoys traveling the world in search of new vegan food and has done so in Dublin, Berlin, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Ho Chi Minh City, Bogota, and St. Martin.

Ms. Lemon is a member of the Arizona State Bar and is licensed to practice law in Arizona and the United States District Court of Arizona.