Christian Lueders

Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Christian Lueders is a strong advocate for his clients, a skilled litigator, and a compelling presence in the courtroom. As a former felony prosecutor, he has handled thousands of cases from all corners of the Criminal Law realm – from traffic and DUI to serious and violent felonies. As a Deputy County Attorney for Maricopa County, Christian quickly gained a reputation for his proficiency in the law, ability to command the attention of a judge and jury, and willingness to work with opposing attorneys.

During his career as a prosecutor, Christian fostered strong relationships with prosecutors from city, county, state, and federal agencies. He worked closely with law enforcement from every corner of Arizona and has argued cases before judges in dozens of jurisdictions across the state. Throughout his career, Christian has been determined to grow his relationships with a growing circle of the legal community in Arizona.

Since leaving the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, Christian has worked diligently to defend the rights of Arizona citizens accused of crimes. He has worked with experts in every Criminal law avenue: medical examiners, forensic toxicologists, accident reconstruction, forensic accountants, computer and cell phone forensics, etc.

A Sun Devil for life, Christian is a proud two-time ASU alumni. For his undergraduate studies he attended Arizona State University and graduated cum laude with honors from the W.P. Carey School of Business. After his undergraduate work, he spent 8 years as a very successful sales and marketing professional – among his numerous awards, he earned Sales Representative of the Year honors for a Fortune 500 company. Looking back, he believes this was perfect preparation for his career as an attorney. His business career honed a natural ability to connect, build rapport, and influence people – skills he utilizes in every interaction with judges, juries, and opposing attorneys.

Christian returned to Arizona State University and attended the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law where he was selected for the coveted Truman Young Fellowship. He completed clerkships at numerous prosecution agencies, including the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and the United States Attorney’s Office. He graduated cum laude with high pro bono distinction donating hundreds of hours of legal assistance.